Can this 2 Minute Routine Fix Your Upper Back Pain?

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I have something I need to get off my chest….I’m frustrated!

I’m upset every time I see a TV ad, hear a commercial or come across any advertisement trying to convince you that what you NEED to do about your pain is take a pill, use a cream or numb yourself in one way or the other.

It’s a lie you see…

When you chase symptoms and numb your pain (like these ads suggest) you don’t get to the ROOT of your problem and it only gets worse over time.

Here’s an analogy to illustrate my point…

It’s like coming home to a flooded kitchen and then realizing you left the faucet on and the sink is overflowing. BUT….instead of turning the faucet off you begin mopping up the floor hoping to fix the problem. You and I both know that this strategy isn’t going to solve your flooded kitchen dilemma.

The issue of solving pain isn’t as clear to see as the overflowing kitchen sink example, because we have been conditioned that pain pills ARE the answer to our pain problem.






However, like I mentioned earlier, pain pills don’t actually address the reason why the pain occurred in the first place. If we get to the ROOT of the pain we can solve the dilemma.Plus…those pain pills have nasty side effects! If you continue on this path it’s very likely that a surgery is in your future…trust me…I see this a lot as a physical therapist.

But I’m here to help…

So, what I want to do today is a little experiment. I want to show you how movement can be the solution to your pain.

But not just any movement…we’re going to be doing QUALITY movement in SPECIFIC and INTENTIONAL directions in order to offset the poor positions you’ve been living in.

Yes…your sustained positions (sitting, driving, texting, slouching, etc..) AND sedentary life you’ve been living ARE contributing to your pain and less than optimal health!

You are meant to move and you’ll feel better for it…I promise!

Plus…movement is free and it comes with the side effects of feeling better, looking better and performing better in life!

Sound like a plan? Ok cool…but first things first…

I want you to write down on a scale of 1 to 10 how good you feel right now…just generally speaking…

Here are some examples…

  • 1= I feel terrible, I hurt and life is miserable
  • 5= I feel so, so…I have little twinge of pain here and there but I can manage
  • 10= I feel amazing, I have no pain, I’m freaking unstoppable!

Make sense? Ok great!

Now watch this video below and do this routine with me.

*note…if you don’t have a resistance band to do the STAR DRILL then substitute with a CRUCIFIX STRETCH. You can see an example of the crucifix stretch HERE at 1:53 

WELL…how did that feel?

Go back and write down on a scale of 1 to 10 how you feel RIGHT NOW.

Did you notice improvements? I’d be super grateful if you could share your results in the comments section below:)


Before: 4

After: 8

I’m asking you to do this so that you can create some awareness around what’s really working for you.

For even better results try doing this routine 3-5 times a day for the next week and then come back and tell me how you feel on a scale of 1-10.

We call these short routines workspace workouts…and if you sit a lot we HIGHLY suggest you GET UP every 30-45 and do these routines in order to offset the negative effects of sitting.  You’re body will than you for it!

Also, if you liked this routine then you’ll definitely want to check out our Sitting Solution Program where we’ve created 5 different programs that you can do throughout the day.

You can learn more about The Sitting Solution program HERE?

You can get resistance bands HERE if you don’t have one. These bands are a must have for anyone who sits at a desk all day! There are SO many things you can do with them and you can take them anywhere.


Until next time…move well and move often my friends!

Dr. Chad

7 Responses to Can this 2 Minute Routine Fix Your Upper Back Pain?

  1. Health Tips

    Thanks Dr. Chad for your nice article. Its really good and helpful article for Upper Back Pain problem, All of your tips are good . Thanks for nice post.

  2. Moe

    Good Morning,
    For the past two days I have had horrible middle back pain. Which is unusual for me since I have chronic lower back pain. I believe this pain was caused from wall sit-ups.
    The pain has not subsided but has decreased a great deal from one 2 minute secession.I will continue throughout the day and keep you updated.
    Tomorrow will be the real test when I return to work and sit for most of the day. I will incorporate this exercise into my day and again, will get the updates to you.

    • Chad Walding

      Great to here Moe…glad your getting some relief:)

      Keep me updated for sure!


  3. Steve

    Great work Chad. All of these exercises are definitely working for me!

    • Chad Walding

      Great to hear Steve and thanks for letting me know:)


  4. Woody Bozelle

    Your program has been a Godsend for me. I am an active
    golfer and ex college track athlete
    My life over the past years has been miserably ridden with upper back and neck pain. After ONE exercise routine, the pain in my neck and occipital muscles has gone. This is after pain pills, massagers, hot baths, etc. have failed.
    Thankyou so much.
    Woody Bozelle

    • Chad Walding

      You’re very welcome Woody! Yes…golfer’s and rotational athletes really need to take care of their bodies. I’m glad to see you’re taking action 🙂


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