Get Rid of That Slouched Posture Once and for All

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So how is your posture right now? Did you just sit up straight after reading the headline and seeing the picture?

If you’re like most people you just perked up a bit and that should tell you something…

Your posture and body position isn’t something you pay much attention to…is it?

I used to be the same way.

Growing up I remember my mom always getting on to me about my slouched posture. I supposed it worked because eventually I started to become fascinated by anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.

This fascination with human movement eventually lead me to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Health and Fitness Coach.

So…I’ve spent at ton of time observing posture and how it affects the quality of our lives. I’m very convinced that our posture has much more to do with our health and well-being than we realize.

Because lets face it…

A poor posture doesn’t really feel that good, it doesn’t look good AND it sets us up for a lot of pain…especially when we move.

We also now have research showing that our body position can have a direct impact on how we see ourselves, as well as how others see us.

Research reveals you’re less likely to listen to someone if they present to you with a poor, slouched posture. And…YOU are perceived less influential and less likely to be heard if you don’t restore the powerfully aligned posture that you deserve.

So…since each one of you have incredible gifts and the ability to make a difference in the world…you might want to fix that slouch 😉

What’s even more fascinating is that your body position can affect your physiology! For instance, when you slouch for as little a 2 minutes your cortisol levels (stress hormone) will go up and testosterone will go down.

This can set you up for all kinds of chronic diseases!

On the flip side when you move towards a “power” posture or optimal alignment the opposite will happen.


So like I mentioned…it’s kind of a big deal!

BUT if we don’t do anything about this problem we are only going to see more pain pills, more headaches, awkward social moments, sad emotions and eventually canes, rolling walkers and wheelchairs.

Trust me I see this everyday and I that’s why I want to help you restore your natural posture.

Did you notice I said, “restore” your natural posture? What I mean by “restore” is that you once had a perfect posture…like when you were 5 years old.

This was before they put you behind a school desk and told you to sit still for the next 15 years of your life. After that, you probably got a desk job and have been sitting there ever since.

How’s that working out for you?

Modern society isn’t helping much either is it? All the texting on the phones, driving in cars and sitting on the couch will wreak havoc on your alignment.

Your body is constantly adapting to its environment and now you’re stuck like the guy in the picture up there.

So…this is going to take a little more then telling you to simply sit up straight. We’ve got to get you unstuck and it’s going to take some work.

That’s what I want to help you with today! But, before we get started it’s important that you understand that if we want to restore your posture we must first address your spine.

In the video below I’ll explain how sitting is ruining your spine and show you 7 things you can about it…

Get Rid of That Slouched Posture Once and for All


Mobility Stuff:

  • seated thoracic extension – 2:03
  • standing thoracic rotation – 2:49
  • upper thoracic rotation – 3:13
  • wall thoracic extension – 3:35

Stability Stuff:

  • star drill – 4:30
  • shoulder W – 5:10
  • crucifix stretch – 5:58

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So as you saw in the video there are A LOT of ways The Sitting Solution can help you with your posture and get you out of the pain you’re in.

It’s also an excellent program to prevent you from ever becoming a victim of poor posture and helping you stand up straight as long as you live.

Try these exercises out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also…I’d love to answer any questions you have on movement, posture, pain, etc…


Peace, love and upright postures,

Dr. Chad


==>Get started on The Sitting Solution program today and restore your natural posture!

12 Responses to Get Rid of That Slouched Posture Once and for All

  1. Melisa Arnette, PT, DPT

    Nice theraband.

    • Chad Walding

      I thought you’d like it Melisa;)


  2. Pat

    I’ve been dealing with a shoulder pain every time I do exercises that involve my front delts. I’ve had some relief from these stretches, do you have anymore advice for rounded shoulders please email me

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Pat…what exercises are you referring to?

      If you are saying that you are have rounded shoulder you’re likely getting some shoulder impingement when you are moving you arms over head. You’ll also likely not using the muscles in the middle of you shoulder blades, lower trap, and lats in order to stabilize that scapula in a strong position.

      Before going after the shoulder directly I would recommend moving the thoracic spine…and doing so in a way that gets it moving effectively.

      Remember that the shoulder connects to the scapula (shoulder blade), which connects to the ribs, which connects to the thoracic spine (mid back). So if we fix that we can fix a lot of things.

      I suggest getting a foam roll and doing the 2 exercises in this video. That should open a lot of things up for you…

      You can get a foam roll here:

      Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for chiming in on the conversation:) I hope this resolves your pain!


  3. Pat

    Yes my pain is over head activity, it was a lot worse about 6 months ago but finally today I am feeling better but not 100%. I’ve opened up my chest by really focusing and taking time on stretching. I improved my posture with the help of physical therapy, we did treatment on my chest and bicep tendons. Although I don’t have much pain anymore I have a little clicking/popping kind of action in my front delt, which causes me to be over cautious at the gym and not allow me to reach my goals. I feel like I am so close to being back to healthy so any advice you have would be greatly appreciated

  4. Cheryl

    I wish my slouch were that simple. I am 71 years old. Among other problems I have I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar region as well as sacroiliac joint degeneration and arthritis in my hips. I cannot walk straight up and have to either have a walker or a grocery cart to lean on. I have fallen a few times. Now if you have some exercises or something short of surgery for all that I am all ears.

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Cheryl…my best advise would be to find a good physical therapist in your area who can evaluate you and get you set up with a customized exercise program. You can go to your doc and ask for a referral. You get some good help that way:)


  5. Landon

    This is great stuff! Cannot believe it is not more widespread.

    • Chad Walding

      Hey thanks Landon…we’re working on it:)


  6. Beth

    I have osteoporosis. I also ran into a glass window a number of years ago and I don’t think I got good treatment. My neck protrudes and with the osteo, I hate the way I look. Will these exercises help or hurt me. Thanks.

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Beth…these will definitely help:)

      You might also want to check out our youtube videos “how to fix neck pain” and “how to fix back pain with a foam roll.”

      There is a lot of great content on there that will help you!


  7. Beth

    Hi Chad. I am a 78 yr old woman with osteoporosis. I took all those prescribed pills to get it under control and it did not. I exercised 20 years but had to stop as it caused more pain. Went through therapy, but I am getting worse. Do you think I should do these?


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