5 Ways to Improve Your Ankle Mobility

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Legs walking

In my experience as a physical therapist, if there is one thing that I’ve learned in regards to pain it is this: the site or location of the pain is not always the source of the pain.

This is most definitely the case when it comes to the foot. Often times you can have imbalances or poor mechanics in the foot/ankle region which turns out to be the culprit behind the pain you are feeling in other areas of the body such as the knees, hips, back, shoulders and even the neck.

If you are trying to resolve pain in any body part it is important to look at the joints above and below the area of concern. Many fail to look at the feet, and in doing so, miss out on being able to completely resolve their pain.

Poor ankle/foot mobility and/or weakness in this area affects a person’s gait, movement quality, balance, body awareness and performance. These alterations in gait and the way a person moves can be the driving factor in painful conditions of the feet themselves
(ie. plantar facitis and bunions) or in the knees, hips, shoulders and spine.

It’s kind of a BIG DEAL!!!

In this video I will go into more detail about why ankle mobility and foot health is SO important, how it can be causing pain in other areas, what NORMAL should look like, and more importantly…what you should do to keep your feet healthy and happy!

Quick reference
foot smash – 3:28
foam roll calf smash – 4:40
wall calf stretch – 5:36
walk ankle mobilization – 6:27
womb squat – 8:07

I hope you found this video useful! If so please share this article with your friends so we can all be happy humans with healthy feet!

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Here’s to healthy, happy feet!

Chad Walding DPT, OPEX L1, RKC

19 Responses to 5 Ways to Improve Your Ankle Mobility

  1. Loobe Herbert

    brilliant advice I have foot smash!!!

  2. Rich Meyers

    Interesting video. I’ve always had leg imbalance. Had scoliosis, which was left over from polio in the 1950s… I’m going to practice the exercises on this video, and see if I can realign myself.

    • Chad Walding

      Please do Rich…and keep us update on how you’re doing! Thanks for checking in!


  3. julia

    Love Mia! Please continue allowing her to join you in the videos! BTW, videos are so helpful! Keep them coming!

    • Chad Walding

      Haha! Will do Julia! She is my co-worker:)

      Thanks for watching!


  4. Gwenda

    Excellent refresher, Chad. Thanks for posting and YES! as Julia said above, “keep them coming!” 🙂 I had a bad ankle sprain injury that really impaired my movement for years, and with these type of exercises and other body work (massage and reflexology treatments) my ankle now has a FULL range of motion and strength again. It’s possible! 🙂

    • Chad Walding

      Ahh…so great to hear Gwenda and I will definitely keep them coming:)

  5. lucy

    Hi Chard, do you have any suggestion to reduce pain on the balls of the feet. Thank You.


    • Chad Walding

      Hey Lucy…these exercises should be a good start. Give them a try and let my know how it does. The pain in the ball of your foot is a symptom of a much larger issue which is why these exercises work.


  6. Janet

    Good video Chad. Will give this a try as I always got sore feet and ankles

    • Chad Walding

      Sounds great Janet! Let me know how it goes:)


  7. Kim

    Thanks for the great video – very informative and helpful! Any chance you can create a video for knees? I had a partial menisectomy a few years ago (and an ACL repair in the same knee 10 years prior to that) and I haven’t been able to get back full ROM after the menisectomy and the knee still hurts sometimes. Would love some ideas to improve ROM.

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Kim…thanks for the kind words! I’ve got lots of solutions for the knees so I’ll keep put this on my list.

      stay tuned:)


  8. Nick Davidson

    I shattered my left heal bone falling 20 years ago and it has plagued me ever since. These exercises help a lot. With a misshapen heal to ankle bone issue do you have any advice. Your videos are very helpful and insightful am sharing them to anyone I know with pain .. which is most people !

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Nick…as far as a misshaped heal to ankle bone issue it’s best to create as much mobility and stability as possible throughout the body. It’s also critical that you optimize movement patterns so you don’t place undue stress on the body.

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for sharing!


  9. Nancy Vincent

    Thanks so much for the videos. You are a great teacher!
    I had not thought much about the ankles previously. Where can I get a bodywork ball? I hope the cord holding the ball is not a latex band. I am terribly allergic to latex.
    I am also interested in knee exercises. Osteoarthritis in numerous joints.

    • Chad Walding

      Hey Nancy…thanks for the kind words:) Yes..the foot is a really big deal and it’s very often overlooked and can be the source of our pain. Go here for the body works ball:



  10. Tom Mc

    Thanks for the youtube videos, Chad. I have had peripheral neuropathy for maybe eight years, and my walking was becoming really clumsy. I think your ankle mobility exercises will help me get back some of my walking.

    Any thoughts for people with neuropathy?


    • Chad Walding

      You’re welcome Tom! Outside of these movement I highly recommend you get your nutrition dialed in. What you’ll want to minimize is excess sugar and toxic fats.

      So focus on quality animal based protein at every meal with lots and lots of veggies. Use oils like coconut oil, grass-fed butter and olive oil.

      Drink lots of water.

      You’ll want to stay way from breads, cereals, process and refined foods, etc…I can’t stress this stuff enough as these types of foods cause a lot of inflammation to your body and effect blood circulation. All this leads to more pressure on your nerves which causes the neuropathy.

      So if you tackle this from a movement angle as well as a nutrition angle you’ll be in good shape:)

      I suggest doing a 30 day buy in of eating real whole food like I mentioned above. We do have a 30 day program that we created here if you need help with that:http://www.thepaleosecret.com/special/st/035/?pub=240005&hit=323829020&c1=psblogbannerstatic&c2=&c3=

      We also have some very helpful guides for anti-inflammation foods that come with our program The Sitting Solution.

      You can learn more about this on this website at the top.

      Hope that helps and please keep me updated!


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