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The Sitting Solution

The “Sitting” problem has now reached critical mass in the global media consciousness – People now know beyond a shadow of a doubt: Sitting too much is really, really bad for your health. How bad you ask? Several studies have now linked chronic sitting to an increase in risk factors for many terrible (and avoidable) diseases, such as….

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes II
  • Obesity
  • CVD

These risks are on top of the massive physical pain your people are feeling from sitting in poor positions, pain they are feeling right NOW.

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica

…and the likelihood of future pain. If people choose to do nothing, and continue to sit in poor positions frequently, the future holds many problems, such as..

  • Immobility
  • Back or neck surgery
  • Addictive painkillers that destroy the gut

These are serious issues, and they require a real solution. Over the last 8 years Doctors of Physical Therapy and authors of The Sitting Solution Chad & Brenda Walding have worked with patients in a private clinical setting, and created a very specific program to bring awareness to the issue, retrain sitting habits and poor movement patterns, and finally realign the human frame to work with gravity again.

LexiconHealth has digitized this incredible process that has been years in the making, to deliver a powerful, high quality product to the world.

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