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Too Much Sitting: The Population-Health Science of Sedentary Behavior

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Even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health. TV time and objective-measurement studies show deleterious associations, and breaking up sedentary time is beneficial. Sitting time, TV time, and time sitting in automobiles increase premature mortality risk. Further evidence from prospective studies, intervention trials, and population-based behavioral studies is […]

Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day

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An art installation of 857 empty school desks stands at the National Mall in Washington

A large review recently published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute confirms what we’ve been hearing for years: Sitting can be fatal. It’s been linked to cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In this latest meta-analysis, Daniela Schmid and Michael F. Leitzmann of the University of Regensburg in Germany analyzed 43 observational studies, amounting […]

6 Tips for People Who Stand All Day

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Sitting has been blamed for a lot of the “modern” musculoskeletal conditions and poor posture we see in today’s society, and rightfully so: having this posture all day is an absolutely terrible way to treat your body. Fortunately, by teaching folks to get up and move around during the day, we can break the “creep” […]

Sitting is Killing You

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We like to think we’re a stand-up species. After all, that’s what drove our evolutionary march away from many of our four-legged ancestors. But everywhere we go are invitations to sit down. Hop into your car and what’s there? If you’re lucky, a plush bucket seat designed with just the right tilt for your back. […]

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