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People who SUFFER with relentless Chronic Pain, are STRUGGLING with enjoying life, and now feel TRAPPED and out of options!

You Need to Hear The TRUTH About Your PAIN IMMEDIATELY! Instantly "Unlock" RELIEF That Works Like MAGIC

Chad Brenda Walding

Hi, I'm Chad Walding.

My wife and I have been Doctors of Physical Therapy since 2006 and our SINGLE FOCUS has been giving countless patients lasting relief from devastating chronic pain.

But we learned years ago that ONE thing was crucial to our success in relieving our patient's pain: addressing the REAL cause of back and neck pain.

And it isn't what you and most of the world think it is.

Doctors are finally confessing the disturbing results from study after study: Chronic Sitting is causing 80% of the population to suffer from back and neck pain...

But that's just the beginning...

There Is A Deeper And Darker Threat Lurking Behind Sitting That Is Just Now Being Revealed...

Sitting will INCREASE your chance of heart attack, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and take YEARS off your life

Maybe you've seen these headlines:

News 01 News 02 News 03 News 04 News 05 News 06

In a moment, I will explain all of the shocking details and prove to you why this hidden threat has doctors so scared...

But More Importantly...

I will reveal our guaranteed solution that EASILY eliminates back and neck pain FOR GOOD...and REVERSES the silent threat of sitting...EVEN IF you HAVE to sit for hours each day.

First, I want to make sure I don't waste your time...

Are you like the millions who constantly suffer from chronic pain who have discovered every expensive therapy and treatment out there is just a temporary mask to the real problem?

Do you work hard to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and want to avoid diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes from sabotaging your future?

Have you heard how harmful sitting is, but don't know a practical solution? (Besides standing ALL the TIME?)

This Is Some Of The Most Important And Life Changing Information You Will EVER See.

Sitting is a silent killer that sneaks up on you - even if you're healthy.

First comes the PAIN. (You may already be at this stage!)

Most don't even know why their back or neck ends up incessantly hurting, because sitting secretly causes your body's collapse to go unnoticed...until it's too late.

In fact, depending on where you are in the cycle, you may NEVER understand that your...

  • aching and tight muscles,
  • creeping blood pressure,
  • automatic tendency to weight gain (even when you work out),
  • cloudy thinking and forgetfulness
  • poor and restless sleep

..are all just voices from your body...warning you about this single destructive habit.

Truth be told...if you work hard to stay healthy and attractive, this silent threat is even more dangerous. Because the subtle symptoms are harder to see! In fact...

Repeated Studies Have Now Proven That Working Out Does Little To NOTHING To Help You Avoid Chronic Pain Or Disease...IF YOU REGULARLY SIT!

What starts with the occasional pain or a dull ache, eventually escalates to excruciating pain, sometimes triggered by something as simple as getting out of bed or putting on a shoe!

Maybe you know just what I'm talking everything in your life - I mean EVERYTHING - is controlled by pain:

  • The insane balancing act each morning just trying to get your leg into your underwear...and pants...and socks...
  • The endless repositioning in bed trying to find that ONE position that allows you to drift back into fitful sleep...
  • The awkward tiny steps out of the shower each morning, terrified that you might slip and engage the piercing pain.
  • The robotic body movement when you turn your entire torso to look out your driving mirrors...just because your neck is too painful and stiff to work properly.
  • The moments when your kids or grandkids want to play outside with you...or even simply sit in your lap. And you can't say yes.
  • Your money evaporating as soon as you make it...hundreds each week going into therapy, treatments and pain-killer drugs.
  • Your missed opportunities from not thinking clearly or effectively at work...midday stiff-neck pains, killer headaches, (and the hidden eye rolls of your co-workers...)
  • Your time, week after week, built around your pain management appointments and the 15-minute wait in front of the incessantly-smiling receptionist...

At first people "watch their posture" and "sit straight". They get a new mattress, new shoes, electronic treatments, an expensive massage wand and fancy chairs...

They try Chiropractors, with 3-minute adjustments and assurances that a "few more weeks" would get them on track.

When that doesn't work, they try acupuncture or a massage therapist next...providing relief for a day.

But despite all the money, all the time, and all the promises - every relief from the pain is short lived and the discomfort, or outright misery, always returns...

Because EVERY "solution" Has Completely Ignored That SITTING Is The Secret Culprit!

So nothing REALLY changes, and it seems like you only have two options:

Surgery, with its horrible 50% success rate and domino of destruction...

Old Man

Or mind-numbing pain for LIFE.

Both end with the likelihood of looking like this picture.

If Chronic Pain is something you live with, you've probably been here...

Where you catch yourself in the mirror...and the person looking back at you no longer looks like you. They look worn down, tired, exhausted and completely discouraged and tired with life.

I want to say loud and clear...

Your Body Doesn't Have To Hold You In These DEPRESSING Shackles Any Longer.

After years of research and specialization in healing the spine...we've discovered something downright magical that will make your pain literally disappear and PROTECT your future health. (And you don't have to stop sitting!)

But Why Does This Secret Method Work Where Everything Else FAILS?

Because this method intentionally reverses what sitting does to your body.

But before I reveal exactly how simple and easy it is...

There's something very important you need to understand so that everything I'm about to tell you makes sense.

The 1990's Skyrocketed Sitting...And Our Struggle With Disease And Pain

It was the final switch from an active, agriculturally rooted society, to an urbanized society which filled offices with computers and cubicles.

And sitting for hours on end became normal for nearly everyone.

Chart 1
  • The Chronic disease rate in America grew...[1]
  • Eventually 7 out of 10 deaths would be caused by chronic disease.[2]
  • Obesity soared, and surgeries for deteriorating function followed close behind.[3]



Legal Back-Stabbing And Drug Addiction Exploded By 100 - 300% And Became The Go-To "Solution" For Chronic Pain

Back surgeries also skyrocketed.

Richard Deyo, MD, a professor at Oregon Health and Science University, notes,

"It seems implausible that the number of patients with the most complex spinal pathology [has] increased 15-fold in just six years".

The most popular back surgery, Spinal fusion, had nearly a 100% increase.[8]

Headlines like this became common...

Pain Killer

And prescriptions for chronic pain climbed over 300 percent, becoming the most prescribed drugs in the United States with chilling results.

According to a recent story published in consumer report, 45 people a day DIE from overdoses of these drugs. And for every death, more than 30 others are admitted to the emergency room.[7]

And Medical Corporations Were Gleefully Making Trillions Hand-Over-Fist Treating The Symptoms...

When back pain reached the Forbes Top 10 Disease List, it was costing people over $40 billion annually just for treatment.[9]

And by 2005, over 1.5 trillion dollars was spent a year by those suffering. ($5000 dollars for each person alive in the United States that year).

But did all these profits make anything better?

No way.

According to a report in 2012 by BMJ, a London based medical journal, for every dollar pharmaceutical companies spent on "basic research," they put another $19 toward marketing and greasing doctor's palms.


Why give a free solution that doesn't require a doctor when the problem makes so much money?

So How EXACTLY Does Sitting Cause So Much Internal Destruction?

Sitting is natural if done occasionally for less than an hour at a time...if you keep your joint and muscle balance.[11][12][13]

But who does that? On average, American adults spend over half of their waking hours SITTING... at least 8 hours a day.

We get up and drive to the gym or work. (SITTING) Next we sit all day at our computer (SITTING 6-8 hours), drive home (SITTING) and then eat dinner (SITTING) and watch television or browse the internet. (SITTING) before retiring to our bed. That's 8 hours of sitting on average...even if we DO get our recommended workout in.

In fact, you're probably sitting right now!

And if you find yourself sitting without even thinking about it for hours on's probably not because you are naturally lazy...'s because your body has been mutated and conditioned to 'ask' you to stay in that position!'s because your body has been mutated and conditioned to 'ask' you to stay in that position!

One of the scariest things about Chronic Sitting is the way it begins to reprogram your entire body so your muscles and joints actually start begging you to sit.

Because chronic sitting hijacks your muscles, lengthening some and shortening others... it literally has the power to mutate your body, create dysfunctional movement patterns and ultimately cause injury and pain.

Imagine your shortened muscles begging you...

"slouch!"..."give me a break, just for a minute!"..."sit down!"

Most of us know we should be sitting with our bodies in this position:

Sitting Solution Good

Instead our bodies typically revert to this position every time we sit.

Sitting Solution Bad

And more you sit, the more your body resigns itself to gradual destruction.

Your head creeps forward, your shoulders "compress" your chest...your spine curves... Before long, the pressure focuses on a few discs in your back and starts grinding on your nerves (PAIN!)...

Your entire body adopts a deformed C shape, caging your organs, reducing your blood flow and threatening to "pop" a spring (otherwise known as a herniated disc).

This eventually starts placing stress and tension throughout your body, from your spine and hips, to your nervous system, circulatory system, heart and internal organs.

Stiff neck, headaches, painful areas in the back, cloudy thinking, poor sleep, leg and hip pains...these are just the start.

But Don't Take My Word For It - See What The Experts Are Saying.

Let me introduce you to Marc.

You may have seen him warning us about sitting in national newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, USA Today, and in each of the major TV networks.

When sitting, your "muscles go silent as those of a dead horse" says Marc Hamilton, Ph.D, Professor, and inactivity researcher who has published 12 medical studies proving the negative impacts of sitting.

Marc explains that sitting hijacks your metabolism, drops your calorie-burning rate by 66% and pauses the enzymes responsible for "vacuuming up the fat out of the bloodstream" - which corrupts good cholesterol levels

People don't need the experts to tell them that sitting around too much could give them a sore back or a spare tire. The conventional wisdom, though, is that if you watch your diet and get aerobic exercise at least a few times a week, you'll effectively offset your sedentary time...this advice makes scarcely more sense than the notion that you could counter a pack-a-day smoking habit by jogging. Exercise is not a perfect antidote for sitting. Sitting is hazardous. It's dangerous.
-Marc Hamilton

Dr. James Levine

Or you can listen to Dr. James Levine, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Obesity Solutions Initiative, professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic and a world-renowned leader in obesity research, who has also conducted research and studies on sitting throughout the world - including a study that tracked subjects through "magic underwear"...


His studies have conclusively showed that stubborn weight gain has way more to do with chronic sitting than how much (or little) you work out!

"A few years ago, I would have actually said to you, you know, the person who's doing that session at the gym once a day is doing everything they need to do. But the data that are now coming up suggests that's not the case...being sedentary for nine hours a day at the office is bad for your health whether you go home and watch television afterwards or hit the gym. It is bad whether you are morbidly obese or marathon-runner thin. It appears that what is critical and maybe even more important than going to the gym, is breaking up that sitting time."
-Dr. James Levine

Alpa Patel, Ph.D

Alpa Patel (PhD), an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, showed men who spent six hours or more per day of their leisure time sitting had an overall death rate that was about 20 percent higher than the men who sat for three hours or less. The death rate for women who sat for more than six hours a day was about 40 percent higher.


Marc, James and Alpa all agree: We can no longer ignore that ongoing sitting is LETHAL and exercise and eating healthy is NOT ENOUGH to prevent the negative health consequences caused by sitting.. [14][15][16]

Sitting has been directly linked to:


So What Are Your REAL Options?

There are only two answers.

And it isn't:

  • Getting pain meds. (What happens when you don't take them? Pain. Pain meds only destroy your GI tract and mask the symptoms until you need expensive surgery...they do nothing to solve the founda tional problem.)
  • It isn't only going to a chiropractor. (While going to a chiropractor is helpful in treating painful symp toms, addressing the sitting problem is a critical missing element of achieving full recovery.)
  • It isn't remembering "good" posture. Most people think about "sitting straight" or "not slouching". (This is practically impossible when your body is mutated to return to poor posture because of years of sitting.)
  • Working out.(As we've already covered, study after study has proven this does very little to reverse the long term impact of sitting...)
  • Getting ice packs and electronic gizmos. (These just reduce the symptoms and do nothing to address the cause...and do you really want to haul those around everywhere for the rest of your life?)

Option 1: Stop Sitting

Seriously. If you stop sitting for more than a couple hours a day, you may gradually, over time, retrain and rebalance your muscles and joints (so long as they aren't already too far gone...) and possibly restore your body to its natural state...

It doesn't always work because of the damage sitting may have already caused, but if you want to try...

  • That means don't sit at work.
  • Don't sit in your car.
  • Don't sit for your meals.
  • Don't sit for movies or tv.
  • Don't sit at the computer.

But let's be realistic. After years of encouraging our patients to do this, we realized it's nearly impossible in the world we live in, especially if you have already trained your body to sit!

It just isn't realistic not to sit! (Don't kid yourself - we've seen thousands of patients try and fail!)

We know you probably HAVE to sit for your work and job, and to expect society to just stop sitting is CRAZY...

So We Created A BETTER Option!

Our team has spent our professional life and over $100,000 analyzing and studying the exact techniques needed to restore the muscles and joints of our patients...without forcing them to stand!

Dr. Levine's studies show that intermittent movement throughout the day is key to overcoming the negative impacts of sitting:

"It appears that what is critical and maybe even more important than going to the gym, is breaking up that sitting time." [16]

Building on Dr. Levine's concept of Activity Thermogenesis and combining that with what we know about physical therapy, we have found that small, specific corrective movements throughout the day can completely reverse the deteriorating conditioning of sitting...

...if you know exactly what to do.

These small actions will help protect your body against all the negative impacts of sitting. And what's even better, you can do these gentle movements anywhere in minutes - no matter where you work.

And by transforming your muscle and joints, the small movements restore health and balance to your body.

  • You have sweet and LASTING relief from excruciation back and neck pain
  • You feel great and refreshed
  • You sleep better
  • You have more energy
  • You have more focus on your work and feel more productive and creative
  • You increase your attractiveness and confidence with a strong and open posture
  • Your body functions better because you are restoring your natural posture and original design for your muscles and frame
  • A known cause of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes plummets
  • You save loads of money and time
  • You age with grace

After our patients kept seeing amazing success, we knew that we couldn't just stand by and not help more people. We wanted to quickly and efficiently eliminate the damaging impact of sitting for anyone interested, no matter their circumstance, and we were determined to develop our system in such a way anyone could have access to it - even if they were thousands of miles away.

Here are just a few comments from people who have experienced our new program. Here are just a few comments from people who have experienced our new program.

I am a business owner of two dog-training companies. Unlike my trainers who are up and about all day long, I sit A LOT! I am in front of a computer...[so] my back gets stiff, my shoulders start to ache, my ass gets sore my wrists ache from typing.

The Sitting Solution has helped immensely with getting rid of the stiffness, loosening up my body, getting the blood flowing, helping me feel better and getting me to refocus on my work again. It also helps revitalize my energy. It feels SO good to do the stretches.

The program is very easy to follow, each stretching session only takes a few minutes and is well worth it. I definitely recommend it to anyone whose job has them sitting for more than 2 hours at a time!

The Sitting Solution has helped immensely with getting rid of the stiffness, loosening up my body, getting the blood flowing, helping me feel better and getting me to refocus on my work again. It also helps revitalize my energy. It feels SO goodto do the stretches.


Matt T

Looking back, I can now see how my approach to sitting has only encouraged a more slouched, bent over posture...which will do me no good in the long run. The series of movements in The Sitting Solution provide the right cues to my muscles (and my mind!) of where things should be in relation to one another. I'm finding the movements to help with a lack of mobility in my upper back and other areas, including some previous challenges with impingement in my shoulders.

...more and more people are in my situation, working from home and/or spending too much time on a computer at a desk. The Sitting Solution offers an easily understood program that reminds your body of its original utility and supports this whole aging thing is a welcome experience.

-Matt T


The Sitting Solution

The Sitting Solution

The sitting solution is a series of videos and guides where we personally teach you the exact movements you can use to restore your body and relieve chronic pain by gently unlocking the "mutated" and "conditioned" muscles.


These are the exact methods we have taught in our practice for years, saving hundreds and hundreds of people thousands in medical bills.

Each movement is specially designed to have you feeling relaxed and stress-free within a few days, so you can expect FAST results, even if you sit for HOURS each day.

Chad Walding, DPT, RKC, OPT

The Sitting Solution will gently restore a strong and upright posture, decompress your chest and improve spinal alignment...which in turn forms a beautiful erect stature, freeing your internal organs, opening up your circulation and restoring ease and mobility through your entire body.

Imagine lasting relief from intense chronic pain, stiff necks, constant headaches, cloudy thinking, and poor sleep...

Imagine a life not controlled by your latest pain-management appointment, your movement not limited due to fear of causing pain, and years of life without aches and pains on the very edge of your consciousness every second of the day.

We help you get your freedom back so you can look forward to life again.

Here Is Exactly What You Get:

We have 42 movements specifically designed to reverse the effects of sitting.

Each movement has a video, a visual guide, and in-depth written instruction explaining what the movement is doing and why it helps your body. Plus the movements are organized into 5 different programs to fit your exact needs and workspace environment such as:

  • A workspace without walls
  • No access or wish to use any equipment
  • Access to minor equipment (like a resistance band)
  • Access to gym equipment (kettle bell, foam roller, etc...)
  • And special circumstances (like a long flight or car ride)
The Sitting Solution The Sitting Solution The Sitting Solution

The entire solution is simple and gentle - so you can start immediately even if you are in massive pain. In fact, the movements are gentle enough that practically any age can use The Sitting Solution without a problem - and we'll be with you every step of the way.

The movements can also be done in as little as 2-4 minutes. This allows you to restore your body's natural form and function without having to worry about crazy exercise routines, or huge time commitments. Plus the movements feel GREAT and are FUN, so you actually look forward to doing them! (It's like the glorious stretch you have in the morning after a night of deep sleep...)

Because The Sitting Solution has programs that can be performed don't need any special workout accessories, a special outfit or a workout room. You can do the movements wherever you are - on the go, in your office, in your doesn't matter.

So whether you don't want equipment or you are a die-hard gym lover - we have you covered.

After YEARS Of Sitting And Annoying Pain...Your Body DESPERATELY Needs This...

Your body will love returning to its natural state...and you will love a boost in confidence and the new reservoir of physical energy your body will give you throughout the day.

By investing in your body and feeling great, you will love the peace and comfort that comes from knowing that you are protecting your future and ensuring your body is reacting and functioning properly - even while sitting.

No more feeling guilty or trapped by a sedentary habit that you just can't avoid - and no more suffering the daily discomfort and pain from that habit.

I KNOW You Care About Your Future Health... And You Don't Want to Eat Healthy And Exercise For Nothing!

We all do little things, week after week, because we want to look and feel great. Maybe we don't eat a second slice of pie. Maybe we've stopped smoking or drinking soda.

Some of us might even workout every day or avoid sugar.

Whatever it is - no one wants to suffer a few years from now. We want to be fully alive, attractive and sexy. And we want to do what we can to invest in our future.

The Sitting Solution is one of the most practical, easy and effective methods to invest in your future...and more importantly...if you invest in other areas and ignore this area?

You could be sitting in an empty, sterile white room...waiting to hear the horrible news that changes your life forever.

Save yourself from heartache, a disease-ridden body and thousands and thousands in medical bills.

It is vitally important you do something about sitting...before it's too late.

Now, I'm Sure You Might Be Wondering...How Much?

This is the first time that we've made this product available to the public, so we have a special introductory early bird price.

We've already had reviewers say that our starting price was too low for how amazing this solution has made them feel each and every day...

But don't worry. Today the investment is still the "early bird" special price...and we've even included some extra bonuses worth well over $100.

For perspective, let's just look at what our patients normally end up spending trying to relieve just one small issue caused by sitting: their chronic back and neck pain.

Remember, 80% of people in the United States will likely deal with this issue at some point in their life because of chronic sitting.

A single Chiropractor treatment usually costs them $45 - $60...

A massage session runs $50 or more...

And Acupuncture usually costs between $45...and even up to $100.

Not to mention the time, gas money and effort it takes to show up for these appointments each week...

And when people are in pain, it's really easy to spend at least $20 - $30 a month on painkillers, hot patches, rubs, and other "instant relief" items.

The reality is that most people end up spending at least $200 a month (or $2,400 a year) - just trying to get relief!

But trying to "band-aid" a deep problem while it gets worse means you end up spending EVEN more money a few months down the road.

Things like medications and advanced treatments bring the annual average to over $3,000.

And I know several of our patients got epidural shots for their back - which was a reoccurring $1,500 dollars every three months! (Which is another $6,000 a year - not to mention a $2,000 MRIs and X-Rays).

And back surgery? Anywhere from $2,500 to a shocking $80,000 - even though it only has a 50% success rate!

And this example only touches on the chronic back pain doesn't even address the other multiple health issues sitting can cause!

We wanted to make The Sitting Solution affordable for anyone...because NO ONE deserves to be in chronic pain from something so simple.

But Just To Make Sure That You KNOW You Are Getting Over-The-Top Value...

We're including five key bonuses that will accelerate and expand your results - so you can dismantle the internal stress caused by sitting even FASTER.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide

1The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide

When your body is stressed by sitting, inflammation often triggers back and neck pain. This guide explains inflammation and how it drives pain in your body, and gives you the tools to manage the inflammation with diet and lifestyle changes.

After this guide, you will be able to confidently reduce inflammation, feel great, and even lose a little weight!

(Value: $47.00 Included)

The Anti-Inflammatory Shopping Guide

2The Anti-Inflammatory Shopping Guide

The Anti-Inflammatory Shopping Guide

This shopping guide takes the principles in the Inflammation guide and gives you "done for you shopping" list. Now you can stop stressing out in the aisles and walking all over the store. This list of great tasting foods makes shopping incredibly simple and easy.

(Value: $17.00 Included)

The Sexy Shoulder Secret

3The Sexy Shoulder Secret

The Sexy Shoulder Secret

Sitting destroys your naturally attractive and sexy posture. If you want to supercharge your sex appeal - you know posture is critical. These 9 exercises accelerate your results so your confident self shines through in no time.

(Value: $29.00 Included)

8 Steps to a Pain Free Back (and how to solve it!)

48 Steps to a Pain Free Back (and how to solve it!)

8 Steps to a Pain Free Back (and how to solve it!)

Are you in back pain RIGHT NOW? This guide shows you seven specific exercises that deliver back pain relief, pushing your results with the sitting guide into overdrive and speeding up your healing process.

(Value: $29.00 Included)

The Simple Solution To Pain-Free Joints

5The Simple Solution To Pain-Free Joints

The Simple Solution To Pain-Free Joints

A Yoga instructor's personal joint mobility routine will give you 10 minutes of bliss to keep you out of joint pain and feeling great. This small routine has unbelievable results and is so fast and easy, it's a breeze to add to your day.

(Value: $28.00 Included)

Don't Put This Off Another Moment!

People travel for miles to see my wife & I to get help with their back pain and restore their health. They've had to learn these precise movements appointment by appointment...

We often charge anywhere from $500 - $1000 to teach all these specific movements in person. (And people don't have any movies or guides at home to help them when we aren't there!)

But have you heard the term...the early bird gets the worm?

As part of this limited time offer only...

You won't have to pay $500.
You won't have to pay half that at $250
You won't even have to pay even half of THAT at $125.
In won't even have to pay the price of a SINGLE appointment with us - $100 - $125

You can get the entire Sitting Solution with the bonuses for a one-time investment of $37 Dollars

Add To Cart
Business Seals

And because I want you to feel confident that this will transform your life and put your mind at peace about your future...

It comes with a full no-questions-asked 90-day guarantee - plenty of time for you to make sure it works for you and you feel great using this solution to transform your body and eliminate your back and neck pain!

Money Back Guarantee

So if you check this out, and then decide you want to keep training your muscles to gradually deform your body or you want to keep living with excruciating pain...

We'll refund your money no questions asked...

But to get this deal you have to ACT NOW.

This is the first time The Sitting Solution has been available to the public and we won't keep the early bird special going for long.

With The Sitting Solution you get a product worth over $500 dollars, which will save you thousands over the course of your life, help you feel better, sleep better and have more energy...all for $37.

But much more importantly.

You get peace of mind.

Since The Sitting Solution is 100% digital so you can be feeling the amazing effects of just one of the movements in under a minute from RIGHT NOW

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Dr. Richard Miller has been the owner of Elite Performance Chiropractic, located in McKinney, Texas, for the last 7 years.

Dr. Richard Miller

I have been using the Sitting Solution for a few months now and I'm happy to say the best part about it is not only are my patients pain free, they actually said their overall posture and health has been improved.
I highly recommend the Sitting Solution to not only people who sit all day, but really to everyone."

- Dr Richard Miller

I know you believe in taking care of your future and body.

You wouldn't have stayed this far if you didn't care about yourself enough to invest the price of dinner out.

I know you want to find relief from back and neck pain for GOOD.

I know you don't want to be trapped with chronic disease.

Now you have the knowledge to make one of of the MOST IMPORTANT health decisions you can make for your future.

Here is what happens when you invest in your body with The Sitting Solution.

Once you purchase you will receive an email giving you INSTANT access to our Member's Only Health Portal, where you can get started immediately with The Sitting Solution and ALL of the bonuses.

Trust your gut on this one.

Just give The Sitting Solution a try. You have nothing to lose.

Order The Sitting Solution Today
For Just $37.00

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Money Back Guarantee

If You Still Haven't Invested In The Sitting Solution, Let's Just Recap Really Quickly.

Doctors and experts around the United States have released countless studies that now show us that sedentary behavior and chronic sitting is a direct contributor to chronic disease, chronic pain, and declining function...even if you eat healthy and work out regularly.

And it costs people thousands of dollars.

With The Sitting Solution you:

  • Eliminate the negative effects that prolonged sitting has on your body and reverse the negative training of your muscles and joints...without having to pay thousands for band aid solutions over and over.
  • You get an early bird special price and free bonus that's cheaper than a single date night.
  • There is a no-questions-asked guarantee - removing absolutely all risk of your investment not benefiting your life.
  • There are hundreds of our patients as PROOF that The Sitting Solution works and that your body will feel great.
  • And the solution is the only product available to you that even comes close to reversing this alarming new trend in a proven effective and quick way.

If there is any chance at all that this truly does help just makes sense to try it out right now. You have absolutely no risk.

Order The Sitting Solution Today
For Just $37.00

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If You're Still Doubting...Let's Consider...What Will Happen If You Don't Invest In This?

Will things stay the same? Will your muscles and joints continue to trap your body and frame...gradually deteriorating your body?

You can probably already feel the impact sitting is having on your body.

And the reality is...there is a scary high chance that you will be the person getting the call from the doctor some day...

You will be the person suffering from chronic pain 24/7...

...if you do nothing with what you have learned.

Don't be lying in bed, in pain, unable to sleep just months from now...wondering why you didn't at least SEE if this solution could have been perfect for you before your back collapsed.

Click on the add to cart button right now.

Order The Sitting Solution Today
For Just $37.00

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Your body will thank you for the rest of your life and you will feel great.

I look forward to hearing your success story soon.

Chad Walding, DPT, RKC, OPT

Chad Walding, DPT, RKC, OPT

The Sitting Solution

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