The 3 Most Harmful Things You Do to Your Back

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If you’ve been following this blog you know that I talk a lot about the importance of getting to the ROOT issue of pain as opposed to CHASING SYMPTOMS…

Today I’d like to quickly share with you the 3 most harmful things you can do to increase your likelihood of experiencing back pain…and really any pain:(


When I say “flexion” I’m referring to the position of the entire spine.

A flexed spine is one that has moved from its normal “S” shaped, neutral position to a hunched over “C” shaped position.

The average person flexes their spine or bends over thousands of times per day! Frequently flexing your spine, day after day, is a recipe for disaster.

Some examples of flexion activities in daily life:

  • ab crunches/sit-ups
  • picking up groceries
  • putting away the dishes
  • doing laundry
  • getting out of the cari

And here is a video of what it looks like doing the dishes…

…my wife’s favorite;)

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do these activities of daily living, but rather we learn how to do them appropriately and to avoid excessive and repetitive flexing of the spine.

And FYI…there are better ways to get six-pack abs than crunches;)


Posture is another way of saying alignment.

Think of the tires on your car. When they are not aligned they will wear out quicker and need to be replaced.

In order to increase the lifespan of your tires and minimize damage you’ll need to get an alignment check and correction every now and then.

Our bodies are no different! As we go through life, move in the ways we do, and live in the positions we live in we get bumped around and pushed out of alignment.

We tend to lose awareness of our ideal posture and lean on one hip, stand with a sway back or slouch when we sit.

This is why corrective exercises are so important in keeping you pain-free!

This is what corrective exercises look like…

…pretty cool that you can do them at work huh;)


This is easily the nail in the coffin and by far the most harmful thing you can do for your back.

People habitually sit with a C-shaped spine, which causes gradual ADAPTION and changes in our muscles, joints and soft tissue.

These changes negatively impact our posture and often lead to pain.

In fact, sitting is what most of the people who have bulging discs and sciatica do all day.

If this issue is not addressed back pain will only persist.  It means you have to get off you’re butt and move!

When you do these 3 harmful things consistently you typically end up like this guy on the right…


…doesn’t look like fun:(

If you’re interested in breaking the habit of doing these things and needing the tools and resources to do so then you’ll want to check out our Sitting Solution program.

==>Go HERE to learn more and get back to the guy on the left 

Are you doing any of these harmful things to your back?  Leave a comment and let me know:)

Peace, love and upright postures,

Dr. Chad


People often think that their health is their doctor’s responsibility. It’s not…it’s your own responsibility!

And the best doctors don’t treat go treating symptoms…they empower and inspire people to take an ACTIVE role in their own health.

==>That’s what this is for!

4 Responses to The 3 Most Harmful Things You Do to Your Back

  1. jm

    You really do know what you are talking about, great exercises…thank you…

    • Chad Walding

      Thanks jm…I appreciate the kind words:)


  2. Cliff

    I thought so highly of your 5 minute warm up that I’m going to look for my Sitting Solution Program. I bought it about a year ago, but I HAD TO HAVE BACK SURGERY, and didn’t get to check it out. I am now! ~Cliff~

    • Chad Walding

      Better late than never Cliff! Sometimes surgery is the only options so I hope that went well for you:)

      Keep moving and thanks for checking in!


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