Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day

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A large review recently published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute confirms what we’ve been hearing for years: Sitting can be fatal.

It’s been linked to cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In this latest meta-analysis, Daniela Schmid and Michael F. Leitzmann of the University of Regensburg in Germany analyzed 43 observational studies, amounting to more than 4 million people’s answers to questions about their sitting behavior and cancer incidences. The researchers examined close to 70,000 cancer cases and found that sitting is associated with a 24% increased risk of colon cancer, a 32% increased risk of endometrial cancer, and a 21% increased risk of lung cancer.

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2 Responses to Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day

  1. Jon

    I think that the more we research, the more that we will find out that humans are not designed to be in most of the environments that we live in today, office spaces included. Sitting is horrible for your posture as well. I use a standing desk at work. Anyways, thanks for writing this.

    • Chad Walding

      Completely agree Jon! Thanks for commenting!


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